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1Info gamme CGM Empty Info gamme CGM le Mer 19 Juin - 13:22

Hello Riflemens,

Pour ceux qui suivent un peu la gamme CGM, j'ai échangé avec le créateur et voici ce qui va se rajouter à la gamme :

hi Alexandre, my plans for new figures are the following: Finish Prussians, hussars (1 type at the moment only) limber teams (both done but need to be put in mould).
Prussian Generals & Cuirassiers, infantry with flat cap. Russians; Cossacks and Uhlans and limber team riders (limbers are ready bit need to do the riders).
Austrian Cavalry and generals and Grenz infantry and the second type of Grenadiers. One or two types of British cavalry also. Portuguese infantry too.
I will soon release the WW2 infantry, German, British and Russian. Later, maybe October, the Belgian, French, and US infantry.
Polish troops are not my priority at the moment but I will do them some day. It is impossible at the moment to say when.
You can see I have a lot going on.
I am also working myself on the old Testudo 15mm range of Romans and Gauls. I am making new variants so when I release this range, I hope in July there will be many new romans and some new gauls. I bought this make recently but there is a lot of work as many moulds have to be done.
I also plan to publish my own Napoleonic rules in the next months. They are written but I need to do diagrams and battle orders. The diagrams take many hours of work.
I hope that answer is sufficiently complete ;-))

Du coup si sa gamme de Romains est aussi belle que les Napoléoniens, je pense me laisser tenter Cool

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